There’s Just Something About The Morning

By: meredith knox

The night is far gone, the day is at hand
Time to wake up, time to get going, time to take a stand.

I refuse to stay silent, I’m desperate for you to see.
I have prayed and I’ve asked, and this morning I am declaring that you are FREE.

No longer will this world have the right to lull you to sleep
No longer will you be satisfied with the night and its schemes.

You are filled with too great a purpose and passion!
Far greater than you could even possibly imagine.

But the night’s got you convinced it can be your only reality.
Well the night’s gotten desperate bc it knows every dawn secures its defeat.

Come on, don’t you see it?!?! The first light of a new day?
It is calling you out, calling you forward, calling you to stop playing safe.

There’s no masks here, not in the early morning light.
You can finally be who you are MADE to be, before you lost it in the night.

Listen. You’re not your family. You’re not your past.
You are not forgotten or abandoned, or whatever else you’ve been classed.

You are NOT too young, you’re NOT too far gone.
You are NOT normal, you are not standard and God KNOWS you’ve never been alone.

Young men, you are POWERFUL, designed to lead the way.
You’re not passive, you’re not broken, you hold the image of a mighty God in how you were made.

Young women, you are BEAUTIFUL, designed to be bold and strong.
You’re not your emotions and you are not weak, stop asking the world where you belong.

FUSE, you are not your own, you were bought with a price!
And your value is unmatched because the price that was paid was high.

And the enemy? He is so afraid for you to understand
This power that’s inside of you, placed there by nail-scarred hands.

Yes. The world is trying to talk you out of this crazy faith-filled life.
And why would it even bother if it wasn’t truly terrified?!?!

Terrified of YOU and the light that you possess.
Terrified of what could happen if we actually took Jesus up on His promises.

What could happen if we stopped living cozy in the shadows?
What could happen if we stopped believing the lie that we will start this thing “tomorrow”?

I’ll tell you what could happen, miracles that can’t be explained.
Young people taking Jesus up on the promise that there is POWER in His name.

We could calm storms, we could heal the sick and the blind.
We could see the stories of scripture lived out in OUR TIME.

We’d have boys grow up into men CONVINCED of their faith
Who become Fathers that prove no matter what they will stay.

Men who won’t sit back or settle for the “American dream”
But men who step up and step out, no matter how crazy it seems.

We’d have girls grow up into women who KNOW who they are
Who become voices in our generation that absolutely invade the dark.

Women who aren’t content with or even believe the status quo
Who are more powerful and more beautiful because of the God they know.

We could be the generation that future generations look at and celebrate
If we could just stop settling for the high of a message that’s sent when the night’s gotten late.

We could be the generation that the Lord himself spoke about
That in the last days, sons and daughters would prophesy as His Spirit was poured out.

We could be the generation who sees depression and self harm cease to exist
Because people believe us when we say that in Christ they can LIVE.

Listen. All I know is the cross came down, the tomb’s been left idle.
So the world can keep talking, because I am LOOKING at revival.

He is risen! It is done! No more apathy. No more games.
It’s time to live purposed, live wild, to live like our faith was never meant to be tame.

So lift your head, stop making excuses in the dark.
New mercies. New morning. A mighty people. A mighty army...THIS IS WHO YOU ARE.

I believe your generation is the one to change it all
I believe YOUR generation is the one that will see the night finally fall.

So WAKE UP my little brothers and sisters! I am telling you it is time to make a decision.
It won’t be long now before the sky splits and we hear trumpets off in the distance.

The time is NOW, for one day Jesus will return without warning.
I like to think it’s gonna be early, because there’s just something about the morning.

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